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Do what makes you happy…

We hear this so often. But how do you know what makes you happy? And is it temporary happiness or long lasting happiness that you’re looking for? Eating that bar of chocolate or buying that new thing you want might make you feel a bit better but sometimes it is just addressing the symptoms rather than the cause of the unhappiness. Self care is important and taking time for ourselves or doing things we enjoy are essential elements of looking after ourselves but I often hear from clients who feel like there is still something that doesn’t feel right or that they still have things worrying them, even during those self care activities.

Spending time with people to help them to understand what their current situation looks like and feels like is a crucial part of what I do. Sometimes, having a reflective space to talk through each element of your life as it is right now can help to uncover areas that are not where we would like them to be and what we can do about that.

It can be hard to do what makes you happy if you’re not sure what that looks like or what is making you unhappy.

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