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Whichever crossroads you are at, coaching or supervision can empower you to make confident decisions, achieve your goals and improve your quality of life. You already know your answers; you simply need help unlocking them.
Coaching and supervision transformed my life, supported my career and improved my well being. Let me do the same for you!


Supporting you through your life.



Help unblock your personal relationships and see how to improve communication, connection and understanding.


Improve your productivity and see what is stopping you from achieving your career goals.

Self Awareness

Understand yourself better. Know your own values and beliefs and how they affect your life choices and decision making.

Time Management

Manage time better to reduce stress and anxiety. Understand the things that drain your time and how to make them work for you.

HeadWise Support

Life is full of mountains. I am here to help you see past them.
Wherever you may be on your life and career journey, the tools for success may not always be visible, and a guiding voice could be the answer.
Coaching and supervision are both a two-way relationship that enables you to build upon your strengths and find ways to navigate difficult times.
Unlike mentoring or counselling, coaching is a self-awareness experience designed to enable growth, skills, and success strategies, whatever your goals may be. Supervision offers you a space to explore your current job role and responsibilities, enabling you to ground your decision-making in reason, evidence and alternative perspectives.
Some people embark on their coaching or supervision journey to achieve career clarity, while others look to find resolution in areas of their personal lives.
No two stories are the same, and your mountains are unique.
The first step is usually the hardest, but I am here to make every step following a little easier.


Reach out today to book your free initial session and bring clarity to your future!


Melissa remained calm and listened intently, asking simple questions to encourage my thought process as to why I was feeling the way I did.

Several issues were resolved and I was much happier and felt more at ease and in control of my emotions by the end of the sessions.

I found this process very helpful, as Mel, to me, was an independent whom I could openly share my concerns with and who would offer help, without any agenda.

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