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"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream."

C. S. Lewis

Image by Nicolas Prieto

Overcoming the Mountains

When Nando Parrado and his Uruguayan rugby teammates found themselves desolate in the Andes mountains following an aeroplane disaster in 1972, the only option they seemed to have left was to give up.

Two months passed and, as hope amongst the survivors depleted, Nando Parrado and his friend Roberto Canessa had a choice to make; admit defeat to their circumstances or push forward and try to get help. They had no boots, tents, axes, or maps. All they had was their irrefutable drive for survival.

They chose to push on and seek help together, but as the struggle continued over the following 10-day trek, Roberto couldn’t see past the never-ending walls of mountains ahead of them. However, Nando persevered and encouraged Roberto to see past the mountains and believe that survival was on the other side.

They carried on, and against all odds, they stumbled across three horse riders who would be their saviours.

This story of perseverance and human strength has guided me through life’s many dilemmas and ultimately led me to become a coach.

Viktor Frankl said "Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa’s response was to keep moving; it was their determination to succeed that saved them.

At Headwise Coaching, I want to help you achieve this too.

Image by Hemerson Coelho

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful process that explores your current situation, what you would like to change or improve and how you can get there. Coaching is not therapy and does not deal with past issues, although we may touch on them at some points, and it is not mentoring or giving advice. It is an open, non-judgemental conversation about the here and now and the potential for the future. It helps you to see what barriers may be stopping you from moving forward and how you can reduce or remove them.


My aim is to walk with you through your current reality, to explore your perspectives and open up new ones for you and to facilitate personal growth that leads to positive change. Each client brings their own reality and thoughts to each session and every client's situation is unique. My role is to support your exploration of the potential barriers to change and to enable your own personal growth. You will know what you want to change and I am here to listen, connect with you and challenge your thinking in order to open up new perspectives. 

Image by Gustavo Zambelli
Image by Florencia Lewis


I will not:

  • offer advice or tell you what I think you should do

  • offer my opinion on your situation

  • try to analyse your past life events, although we may touch on these as part of the coaching journey

  • ask you to speak about anything that you are not comfortable with.


I will:

  • ask questions so I can get a better understanding of your thinking and empathise with you 

  • encourage you to connect to your vision for your future

  • challenge your thinking around the barriers that exist for you

  • be fully present with you in the session and listen to you

  • hold you accountable when you need me to, in order to help you reach your goals

  • offer you a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space for you to invest that time in yourself.

The sessions do not follow a set format because opportunities for development can be missed when rigid frameworks are applied.


My journey with Mel has completely transformed my life. Mel is very intuitive and I found that when we first met, I felt connected to her almost instantly.

Mel was able to tailor my coaching experience to fit with me as a person. Coaching with Mel has helped me to free myself from that stuck feeling completely.

I cannot thank Mel enough for the incredible experience I have had with her so far and I am full of excitement and motivation for the next part of my coaching journey.

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